What is A Modern Visionary?

We’re dedicated to amplifying the work and voices of Leaders who give a damn. 

And, We’re Also here: To Brainstorm. To Connect. To Grow. To Learn. To ultimately become the best damn humans we can be for our humanity and the planet’s sake.

Because, you know, we deserve that sh*t.

Through our work here at AMV, we hope to be a catalyst for how you change the world.

Yeah, that’s right. We believe you are going to change the world.
We believe you are here to do something, make waves, and ruffle some feathers if need be.

We’re invested in that.
So know, from this point forward, we’re rooting for you.
We got your back because we’re in this together.

The world right now is cray. (Do people still say cray? Probably not.)
Anyway we know, it’s crazy.
You get notifications on your phone and you’re like “What in the actual F%@K?”
You’re not alone, us too.
You can’t use the eye roll emoji enough.
And if you side eye that ignorant person online one more time, your eyes may stay like that.

All that just from today’s news and supposed leaders not doing the right thing.

So what can you do?


You can do something.

Really, anything..anything would do right now. 

But you don’t have to feel it’s necessary to build a new business, organization or run for office (although we are for any and all of those if that is your trajectory). 

It’s just as important to be informed, use your buying power for good, support sustainable growth and development, and work on your inner game because all of that changes the world too. 

So, that’s us.

Modern Visionaries on a mission to mobilize other modern visionaries who give damn. 

You in or are you in?

Listen to the Podcast, Join our Community below. We’re happy you’re here. 

About the Founder

Oh Hey Visionary!

I’m Tiffany Lanier Public Speaker, Facilitator, International Clarity Coach and now Host & Founder of A Modern Visionary! 

I’m excited to be here with you. This platform has been a long time coming. Since founding an organization on my college campus to unify my peers through diversity back in 2009, from building an international coaching and consulting business working with start up entrepreneurs and community leaders, and having a deep passion for wanting to see my fellow humans + the planet thrive–A Modern Visionary was born. 

I have made it my life’s mission to Live Purposefully & Lead Consciously and I’m here to help other’s do the same. 

Learn more about me at Livewithtiffany.com 

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