Episode 10

Leadership as Activism with Andréa Renae

In this week’s episode of A Modern Visionary, host Tiffany Lanier sits down with Andréa Ranae to discuss her work at the intersection of freedom and liberation, do a deep dive into the reality of white supremacy and how to find and leverage your individual skills and gifts to contribute to the change that we are all committed to.

Meet Andréa.

Andréa is a coach, facilitator and writer. She is deeply committed to supporting her clients in making their unique impact in their life and their communities, with her work is rooted in Love, justice, grief, rage and a vision for liberation.

Countering the Chaos

As many WTF moments that we have to choose from on a day-to-day basis, Tiffany and Andréa take a moment to pick out some of the good. For Andréa, one of her favorites (as of late) would be the “Man Enough” web series created by Justin Baldoni (and often features Matt McGory, who Andréa mentions), and other instances like the series where more famous people are utilizing their platform for good.

Freedom and Liberation

With her work being featured at the crossing of freedom and liberation, Andréa explores the difference between the two, and how that impacts the goals we all set for the work that we do.

Self Help Books Can’t Save the World

Drawing from an analysis written by Andréa back in 2016, Tiffany and Andréa examine the missed opportunities that come from speakers, healers, etc. when they dismiss the idea of politics playing a role in what they are teaching. Andréa believes that to truly serve the people they want to serve, there needs to be a connection between the teachings and the real life adversities that we face individually each day.

Different and Human

Andréa explores this hard truth: while we are all human, we are not equal, in the sense where being “equal” means being “the same.” As human beings, we all come with differences, not only in gender or skin tone or values, but in needs and skills and the list can go on. And while some may want to ignore this fact and blanket all people as only “human,” Andréa stresses the need for discourse and recognition of why this outlook can be counterproductive.

Let’s Talk About It: White Supremacy

From tiki torches to redlining, white supremacy is still a prevalent problem is out society (read: on earth)., and Andréa explains how it’s important to understand how to identify facets of our lives that can be and have been influenced by this conditioning.

It also creates an environment, believe it or not, that restricts the relationships that white people are able to have with POC, which is detrimental to the desire of a life full of connection and deeper understanding of the world.

A Gift in Sharing

As adverse to social media as we can be, there are still a ton of benefits. Andréa wants to challenge you to begin to follow people who you do not have a direct connection to, or who you may not completely understand, to be able to view how others live. The ability for use to share this in this day and age, and being able to become a positive influence over people who may otherwise not have been exposed to the differences in the way we live, is in itself, a gift.


Something that is “not necessarily necessary,” Andréa examines the pros and cons of “Codeswitching,” a strategy often utilized by black and brown people in order to survive in a world where the comfort of others must proceed the need to be our genuine selves. 

Self-Reflection Quiz

Andréa poses some questions for us to ask ourselves when it comes to the work that we do, how and why we contribute to change, and what our plans are for opposition. There is no handbook, but there are ways to prepare ourselves and harness the best parts of ourselves in order to contribute to the change we’re hoping for.

Andréa’s Vision

It’s simple, honestly. It’s a world that is increasingly more just and free for everybody. Emphasis on “increasingly.”

Defining AMV

The people who fall in between social justice and personal growth worlds are who Andréa would define as visionaries, as the goal of change in both environments is what ultimately drive the work.

Favorite Soundbites

“How people see you has a huge effect on the success of your business.” (18:57)

“That’s OK, you can Google it.” (50:13)

“These are the skills that I have, these are the gifts that I have […], here’s how I can offer it.” (55:08)

“How do you want to take care of yourself? How do you want to show up?” (57:16)

“There has to be a deep understanding of who you are.” 62:10

Find Andrea Online:

AndreaRanae.com | Instagram | Twitter

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