Episode 3

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: No one is going to give you permission in Politics, take it.

Passion; Purpose; Personal Power. These are the words that come to mind when we think of this week’s Visionary, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, candidate for  US Congress NY-14.

In this episode of the #AMVPod, Tiffany and Alexandria talk about what it means to define your ownstyle of leadership, and how women (of color) need to be a bit rude to be heard. Plus, Alex pulls outreceipts to embarrass never-suave Ted Cruz on Twitter in a tweet that goes viral.

Meet Alex.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is our first politician guest, and we couldn’t be any more excited to have her on the show. Alexandria is a Latina millennial currently running for congress in NY. Her opponent is a 20-year congressman, but Alexandria is on the move to make some changes.

In her talk with host Tiffany Lanier, Alexandria talks about how her campaign bid ended upbecoming a culmination of her activism and work, and how her race for congress has become amovement larger than just her personal goals.

What the F@%k?

We’re kicking off the discussion with Alexandria pinpointing her latest “WTF?” new moment. Yet, in time where the nation’s government looks more like a VH1 “reality” show, Alex decides against the constant barrage of ridiculousness, tuning in only when the administration is on the move to truly cause harm.

Give Yourself Permission.

It comes only as a shock that women’s voices are not often listened to by people who don’t listen to women. So, we’re giving ourselves permission to be louder, and a little ruder, and to take what it is that we want. It’s time to crash the party, and get ourselves out of our own way.

Defining Your Leadership Style

What do you think of when you think of an effective leader? Someone strong? Assertive? A man? In these attributes, the ones that make up a “mini Superman” leader, it can be hard for some to see themselves in a similar light. Except, even when we don’t look like the Hollywood version of a leader, it’s important to remember that we still can be. And we still are.

Know Your Vision and Be Brave

A major part of Alex’s campaign run includes honing in on her vision, and sharing that story with others. It’s not so much about getting the people who are committed to being against you to be on your side – rather, it’s finding those who believe in the same things you do, and joining together. But, in order to do that, you have to know what it is, definitively, what you believe in. Alex also mentions Shri Thanedar, a Muslim man running for governor in Michigan. In such tumultuous times, being a Muslim man in the public eye can be dangerous—it is the same energy that makes Shri brave in continuing to stand for his vision.

You can find out more about Shri Thanedar and his governor race at www.shri2018.com .

Moving Forward

In a somewhat challenge, Alexandria poses a great questions: What is it that moves us forward?

Is what we’re looking to accomplish and working towards something that is making us better?

These questions, and the sense of gratitude and purpose are what Alex uses to continue

pressing on, even when she feels discouraged.

Calling a Spade “a Spade.”

In a tweet that ended up gaining a lot of traction, Alexandria challenged the motivations (and accuracy) of Ted Cruz and his stance on net neutrality repeal, and the problems that occur without appropriate campaign finance reform. (Two birds, one tweet.) But before Alexandria took to the internet to become an opposing voice, she did her research, making her argument that much stronger.

Staying Aligned.

Change is uncomfortable—it’s even more so when you are the one who is attempting to cause it. It’s Alex’s parting words of advice to stay aligned with what you believe in, even if you have to do things that may put you at a disadvantage.

Anything Else?

Donate! (No, seriously.) Alex’s campaign is against a 20-year congressman. Donations don’t have to be large, obnoxious, or some with strings attached (cough, Ted Cruz, cough). But, any sized donation can show Alex that you support her and her mission. Visit [WEB] for more information, or to donate to Alexandria’s campaign.

Favorite Soundbites

– “No one is ever going to give you permission.” (7:56)

– “The beginning looks and feels like you don’t know what you’re doing.” (11:32)

– “A lot of people don’t perceive themselves as leaders when they really are.” (21:21)

– “This race is about a movement.” (36:19)

– “Have the courage to do things that may put you at a disadvantage only if they align with your

core values.” (53:34)

Find Alex on:

Learn more about Alexandria and the Issues she supports: https://ocasio2018.com

Support Alexandria by donating:  https://ocasio2018.com/donate

Social Media:

Facebook: @ocasio2018

Twitter: @ocasio2018

Instagram: @ocasio2018




Alexandria is a working New Yorker and leader in her community. She was born in the Bronx to a proud Puerto Rican family. She never planned on running for office, but decided to enter the race for the 14th District when she realized New York needed a real champion in Congress. Too many of New Yorkers are working hard for too little while big donors on Wall Street rig our democracy and economy for the few. 


Alexandria is a veteran organizer, advocate, and entrepreneur. In her career she has helped women in the developing world obtain small business loans, trained Latino youth to be future business leaders, and advocated for working people. Her hard-working background and humble upbringing has given her the perspective she has today towards everyday Americans. She understands these struggles and will strive to ensure that their voices are brought to Congress with her.



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