S2 Episode 3

Feeding America one backpack at a time with Kelly and Matilda of Adventurist Backpacks Co.

Kelly and Matilda of Adventurist Backpacks Co. are doing what they can to help bring awareness and meals to Americans struggling with hunger every time they sell a backpack. In today’s episode we talk to the husband and wife co-founders on how they got started, why it was necessary to have a buy one give one model in their business, and their partnership with Feeding America.

Meet Matilda and Kelly.

WTF and Countering

This week, Tiffany kicks off the conversation with Kelly and Matilda of Adventurist Backpack Co. with some of their most recent WTF moments (from startup life in general to home prevalent world hunger actually is), and countering with some joy (family and helpful people). 

Legend Has It…

Starting at the beginning, Kelly and Matilda tell their story of how Adventurist Backpack Co. came to be. Having already been travelers, they both wanted to create a backpack that would suit their traveling needs. But, when they blended this want with the desire to give back to the communities in which they traveled to, a company with a “buy one, give many” model was born.

Book recommendation: “Start Something That Matters” by Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS

Hunger and Homelessness

Kelly explains how at a young age his mother’s actions gave him the basis for understanding that you have to do good things (instead of waiting for someone else to do them), and both Kelly and Matilda explain how homelessness isn’t as cut and dry as it may seem. With many people just one tragedy away from homelessness, we as a society must reevaluate assumptions made on people who without a home. 

Why Feeding America?

Matilda and Kelly explain the process they went through in picking the charity they are now partnered with, with part of their decision-making being that they wanted to work with an organization where the biggest part of the money earned and donated went to the cause.

Doing Something Positive

When it comes to Adventurist Backpack Co., the goal is to gain customers, but not just for personal profits. The duo explain how their model (and ones like theirs) are beneficial because people like to support companies that support them. Thus begets what Matilda calls the “positive circle”—the more people want to support a supportive company, the more that company can give back to the cause.

Advice for starters?

Kelly gives newcomers advice on how to start their community-based business, even if it may sound cliché. What it boils down to is starting, learning, and accepting that there’s no “perfect time” for changing the world. Learn everything along the way.

Big Vision

Kelly and Matilda want a lot from the future, in terms of spreading positivity and enactive change. They wish to be the “front wave of companies to give back” and to inspire other companies to want to do the same. Eventually, this behavior shouldn’t just be possible, but also expected.

Define AMV

Wrapping up, Matilda and Kelly give their definitions of what it means to be a modern visionary. For them, it is someone who is able to look at the past, look at what they have, and make a plan to positively impact everyone around in the best way possible. 

Notable takeaways

You can’t expect other people to be doing something good. You have to do it yourself. (14:50)

Anyone can end up in that type of situation. (17:11)

Doing something positive in the world is priceless. (23:07)

You can find more about www.adventuristsbackpacks.com and on social media @adventuristbackpacks on Instagram and Facebook. Also, even if you’re not looking for a backpack at present, you can donate time or money at www.feedingamerica.org

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