S2 Episode 4

The Soul of Leadership with Nisha Moodley

Tiffany chats with Nisha Moodley, women’s leadership coach and Creator of the Soul of Leadership course. During this episode Nisha shares with us insight to why some of us struggle with defining ourselves as leaders and breaks down the 12 qualities to the soul of leadership.

Meet Nisha Moodley.

WTF and BMJ (Brings Me Joy)

“Still?!”, Nisha Moodley to the thought of the 45th president having supporters. On the
other hand, Nisha’s then upcoming retreat the focuses on women and femmes being
together and supporting one another is able to counter that chaos.

Global Sisterhood Day

At day at the end of each March that’s meant to focus on women and femme and
intersectional feminism, providing space for women and femmes to collaborate and
explore leadership openly.

Soul of Leadership

Nisha explains what it means (to her) for a woman to feel truly empowered, and how
that includes a deep confidence, courage, willingness and devotion to take on what
means the most to her. She also goes on to tell what it means to be a true leader, ad
how the reality can differ from what we’ve been taught for generations.

Follow and Lead

Despite the common idea that “leaders” are always leading the charge, it’s important to
realize that there are many times where these same people may have to take a step
back and observe, to sit and listen and learn, and maybe put trust in others to take the
reigns, discerning when it’s time to be in a different role for the benefit of everyone

12 Souls of Leadership

Nisha walks us through what she calls the 12 Souls of Leadership (Integrity, fluidity,
sovereignty, curiosity, “attunement,” trust, courage, devotion, focus, creativity,
receptivity and luminosity), and examples how these 12 traits (and actively embracing
each one) can allow all of us to be an impactful leader in whatever area means the most
to us.

Intersection of business and activismBig Vision

Started with a goal in mind then became enveloped with running a business missed the activism part which she uses the word loosely out of respect struggles with the intersection had to decide what really mattered 

For the Future

Acknowledging that change oftentimes does not come without pain, Nisha wants for us to not only face our past pain, but to use what we’ve learned from it and leverage it as we move into our leadership roles for the future. 

Defining AMV

For Nisha, a modern visionary is “someone who holds a radical vision for our collective rising.” And, wrapping up, Nisha gives final advice to those who want to embrace a collective soul of leadership, showing us how the first step can be small and personal, but still impactful. 

Noteable Quotes

“What is leadership beyond the images, draw pictures, the stories of what we’ve been told?” (9:59)

“We are all followers and we are all leaders, in different ways.” (13:57)

“The real wisdom is in exploring things.” (26:13)

“Devotion is the way that our hands weave love.” (33:35)

“What do you really stand to lose by speaking your voice and sharing your truth?” (45:47)

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