S2 Episode 5

Prioritizing the inner work to do the outer work with Brittany Packnett

On this Episode, Tiffany chats with activist, educator, writer and TED Speaker Brittany Packnett. Listen in as they talk about the state of politics today and the importance of prioritizing the inner work to support the change you want to make in your community/world.

Meet Brittany Packnett.

WTF and BMJ (Brings Me Joy)

This week’s conversation with Brittany Packnett is kicking off with our routine WTF moment, but with a twist. Brittany and host Tiffany Lanier quickly give their opinions on “free-thinkers,” a GOP group who refer to themselves as “Blexit,” and what these political counterparts really mean to the future of progress. Countering the chaos, Brittany explains what has been bringing her joy lately. Her list includes being able
to return to and give time to the things that she’s been avoiding, and the love that has been surrounding her and her fiancé (@kidnoble on Twitter) during their journey into marriage.

Journey to Becoming “A Community Voice”

So dubbed by former President Barack Obama, Brittany discusses what it means to be a voice for the community, and where that passions stems from. Growing up with “proud and powerful black parents who wanted to raise proud and powerful black children,” Brittany talks about how each step she took professionally had the underlying mission of being an activist for those who constantly being silenced by the “majority.”

Self-care to Fuel the Inner Work

Even though some have taken the idea of “self-care” to mean buying expensive hydration sheet masks and lounging for hours in a lavender-scented bath, Brittany emphasizes the point that, for her, self-care (while it can include the aforementioned!) doing the things that require you to actually be well, whether it be repositioning people in life, or sticking to a therapy appointment.

The Work to Being an Unapologetic Voice

There is a responsibility that comes with being a “voice for the community,” one that Brittany does not take lightly With Tiffany, she breaks down the simple way in which she is able to confidently and unapologetically give her opinions and advocate on the behalf of others: constantly seeking education. Whether it’s reading a book or listening to people in the community, Brittany notes that the building of knowledge is one of the most important ways to effectively encourage change. 

Vision for the World

In a perfect setting, Brittany would want a world where people can thrive. She gives an example of what this means, as compared to having a world where people are accountable, and then having a world where justice is always served, through the tragedy of Michael Brown, Jr. 

Before We Go

Brittany gives us tips on how to stay sane during this upcoming election season. Step one: know the presidential candidates by character and by policy.

Defining AMV

For Nisha For Brittany, a modern visionary is not only someone who is “unencumbered by convention,” but also someone who is motivated by the right thing. While anyone can be a “visionary,” and set out to work towards their goals, a true modern visionary is someone who is rooted in strong and positive values. 

Noteable Quotes

 “I just want to be a person who not only helps dismantle the bad things, but builds up the good things.”

“Most consistently, self-care is doing the things that require you to choose yourself and help you be
well.” (17:07)

“Being disciplined is necessary to being effective.” (20:17)

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