S2 Prologue Ep.

Our time is now, welcome to season 2 of A Modern Visionary

The #AMVpod is back with Season 2! In this Prologue episode, host Tiffany Lanier shares with us her Vision for Season 2 of A Modern Visionary  and how you can help amplify it

Welcome to Season 2!

We took a bit of a hiatus but grateful to have you here with me whether this is the first episode you’re listening to or you joined us in Season one. Thanks for being here!

If you are new or didn’t listen to all the episodes from last season, I want to invite you to do so. I had the honor of interviewing some amazing visionaries. Every guest was special each of them committed to bringing a level of consciousness into their work and we can all aspire to be a little more like each of them as we go out into the world and do our own visionary work.

And this season will be no different.

I excited for you to hear the conversations I had on subject matters ranging from combating bias in our artificial intelligence to home-grown grassroots movements and all the way down the spectrum why self-care as an act of resistance. This season we’ll have a little something every one!

My mission is that this season inspires you to continue to take action in some capacity–in your personal life, for those you lead, and/or the projects that you bring to fruition.  I know every day that we turn on the news or scan social media we are bombarded with all the negative things that are happening in our communities, in this country and around the world. I know that it can be extremely overwhelming and disheartening but it just means that more of us need to rise above the muck and mire and become far more intentional about the way we live, lead, and work. And if you’d like to have those personal conversations with me, you can join me over on the Tiffany 360 podcast which will be launching at the end of the month! Can’t wait.

But here at AMV, my goal remains the same–to amplify the voices of leaders who give damn who are out here doing the work  and to inspire and empower you to do the same.

AMV has definitely been a labor of love and if you’re an avid listener and supporter I could use your help so we can continue to grow, hire and start hosting events. Please consider being a patron of this podcast. You can do as a one-time giver or become a monthly donor to support our efforts and keep advertisements to a minimum, if not at all. Right now we have 3 tiers for monthly donors–Visionary friends at $5/mo, Visionary besties at $11/mo and Visionary Family at $25–whatever you have to give would be greatly appreciated.  Click here to become a patron.   Thank you for your help and support.

Another way that you can support is by getting some of our AMV gear. We have our “I Can’t wait to Vote” swag available even the new 2020 special edition tee is out. You can get one for your whole family, I have my toddler rocking hers! All elections are important but 2020 is going to be major and we all have to get out here and tell people how excited we are to have the right and get them excited to register and to vote. And this year we have a few new tees you can get your hands on. The A Modern Visionary definition tee which says “A name given to a leader who gives a damn about the current and future state of humanity and the planet. Also see: superhero. As well as our good people, do better shirts.

So buying this gear also helps support our efforts and make this show possible.

And last but not least if you feel inclined and want to give a little love, leave us a rating. Ratings help future listeners to make the decision to give us a try.

Alright that’s all I have for you! Again thank you so much for being here, listening, and sharing these episodes. It means a lot to me as my guest because we’re just out here trying to make the world a better place and we have have a part in that!

Alright now go listen to the first episode!

Tiffany’s Bio:

Tiffany Lanier is the Host of A Modern Visionary. As a Public Speaker, facilitator and Clarity Strategist, Tiffany is on a  mission to help leaders Live Purposefully and Lead consciously.  She is the founder of LPLC 360 Co., a company dedicated to consciously shifting the way we live, lead, and work. 

Connect with Tiffany personally:

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